Legal Aid Clinic (Walker)

Course Number
LAW 3832
Course Description

Students who are employed at the University Law Centre during the summer and who continue actively to serve the University Law Centre during their third year may, by successfully completing a written assignment on an approved topic, opt for the Legal Aid Clinic.

N.B.: No more than three of the following electives may be selected for credit over the course of the second and third year program of studies: (a) LAW 3210 – Competitions A; (b) LAW 3220 – Competitions B; (c) LAW 3240 – Court of Appeal Clerkship; (d) LAW 3822 – Scholarly Publications; (e) LAW 3830 – Legal Aid Clinic. Students may elect to take more than three of these electives, but no credit will be awarded.

Teaching Method

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Course Materials

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