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Consider a Law Degree!

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Have you ever thought of trying a case in front of a jury, writing contracts for an up-and-coming business, or helping someone who has been wronged find justice? A law degree will give you the skills to advocate for whichever cause you would like to promote.

Faculty of Law students come from across North America and around the world, contributing to a rich student culture. Student groups at Robson Hall are diverse and offer opportunities to volunteer, network, and be active in many different communities, professional and recreational.

Tackle a variety of legal issues, including those relating to areas of Indigenous law, business law and human rights through a legal education. Robson Hall has produced some of Canada's most influential thinkers and visionaries.

Our students compete in mock trials and negotiations, participate in legal clinics, shadow judges in their courtrooms and chambers, and develop global perspectives. Our graduates are well-versed in legal principles, concepts and in critical thinking.

The Faculty of Law has a wonderful team of faculty and staff who would love to answer any questions you may have.

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Admission to First Year J.D. Program

Admission to Upper Years

Admission to LL.M.

Admission to M.H.R.