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Research Excellence and Engagement Distinction – REED Designation

Any student can earn a REED designation in each year of their studies at Robson Hall. REED stands for Research Excellence and Engagement Distinction and, when achieved, is noted on the transcript of a student as REED. The designation lets employers know that students have engaged in extra credit legal research and writing outside of class time, thereby signalling enhanced research and writing skills.

What does it entail? To earn a REED notation on the transcript, a student needs to successfully publish two 1000 word blogs on The work must be of publishable quality, address a current, pressing or interesting issue of criminal law or in a cognate discipline or related field, and provide information of interest to the general lay community or practice community. Generally, pieces are submitted to and, if the student is enrolled at Robson Hall, an editor works with the student to develop the piece for publication on the website. In addition, the piece is marketed on Facebook, Twitter and by e-newsletter.

A sample piece is available here: