As one of the oldest universities in Western Canada, the University of Manitoba has a long and proud tradition of achievement and innovation in research. Building on this tradition of scholarly excellence, University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Law was established in 1914. A vibrant research community, Robson Hall’s faculty members’ research is well-respected and published internationally, nationally, and locally. Robson Hall research contributes greatly to the advancement of legal and socio-legal knowledge and the development of public policy across Canada and the globe.

Migration Law Research Cluster

The Migration Law Research Cluster (MLRC) at Robson Hall is engaged in research on the intersections between law and migration, including the areas of immigration law and policy, refugee law and policy and migrant settlement and resettlement. The MLRC seeks to build knowledge and understanding in these areas and to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and community engagement. The MLRC’s founding members are Professors Gerald HeckmanAmar Khoday and Shauna Labman.

You can follow the MLRC on Twitter, Facebook, or visit our Blog.

The “Building Connections: Refugee Research and Community Outreach Conference” took place at Robson Hall on March 28th, 2014. Click here to read the report.

The “Building Bridges Between Canada’s Indigenous and Newcomer Groups 2017 Conference” took place at Thunderbird House on May 12 – 13, 2017. Click here to read the report.

Robson Crim

Robson Crim is an immersive and intensive clinical set of opportunities for students interested in the criminal law area. Robson Crim houses the Robson Hall Innocence Clinic (which can also be taken as a course) where students are immersed in working on real files under the supervision of Professor David Ireland.

Additionally, Robson Crim administers the REED Designation which allows students to earn co-curricular credits for legal blawgs of a substantial nature. Meritorious blawgs are published on the Robson Crim website.

Robson Crim also receives submissions from an international cadre of legal scholars and students and conducts editing and peer review of these pieces. Robson Crim boasts an advisory collective of experts that spans North America and Europe and provides an excellent source of interesting news and opportunities for members of the practice-based and scholarly legal community.

Robson Crim trains students in legal and scholarly publications to produce an annual criminal law edition of the Manitoba Law Journal. Students are trained in citation checking, peer review administration, legal writing, deadline management, author networking, and marketing, in this intensive experience.

Robson Crim also holds special events highlighting issue of injustice in criminal law systems.

To read our journal, blawgs and to learn more about our special events, please visit our website. Robson Crim also has a vibrant Facebook and Twitter profile, engaging regularly in discussion of current affairs in criminal law and justice.

To get involved in Robson Crim, contact Richard JochelsonDavid Ireland or Amar Khoday.

Desautels Research Cluster

The Desautels Research Cluster is a multidisciplinary group of scholars at the University of Manitoba whose research touches on various aspects of family controlled and private enterprises. The Cluster is housed at the Faculty of Law under the auspices of the Desautels Centre for Private Enterprise and the Law and its three main disciplinary pillars are business, law and the humanities. Cluster members support the Desautels Review of Private Enterprise and the Law in editorial and peer review capacities, host an annual Desautels Research Lecture, and engage in other special events and initiatives at the intersection of private enterprise and the law. Current members include, Darcy MacPherson, Krish Maharaj, Jennifer Schulz, Katie Szilagyi, and Virginia Torrie

The following peer-reviewed journals are published out of Robson Hall and/or are edited by our faculty members:

Asper Review of International Business & Trade Law (Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Bryan Schwartz)
The Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law is the only Canadian law journal dedicated to the subjects of international business and trade law. The journal addresses issues of interest to Canadians, practitioners, and students of international business law and international trade law around the world.

Asper Chair Special Publications

Banking and Finance Law Review (Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Virginia Torrie)
Founded by Professor Benjamin Geva of Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Ontario, the BFLR provides discussion and insight into issues and problems that confront both the legal and financial communities in Canada. Currently, two Robson Hall students are Assistant Editors with the BFLR: Jordon Sinder (Assistant Editor) and Steven Dressler (Senior Assistant Editor). Robson Hall alumnus, Myles Davis (JD/18, LLM/19), is the Book Review Editor. Please see the BFLR's current Call for Papers: 3rd Annual FinTech Issue. Deadline for final submissions May 1, 2021.

The Canadian Journal of Human Rights (Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Donn Short)
The Canadian Journal of Human Rights is a national, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing the best interdisciplinary scholarship in the field of human rights legal issues, both in Canada and internationally. We are the only legal periodical in Canada with this focus.

The Manitoba Law Journal (Executive Editors-in-Chief, Dr. Bryan Schwartz and Professor Darcy MacPherson)
First published in 1885 and continually published since 1961, the Manitoba Law Journal is committed to providing thought-provoking reviews of developments in Manitoba case law and statutes.

Underneath the Golden Boy (Executive Editors-in-Chief, Dr. Bryan Schwartz and Professor Darcy MacPherson)
Begun as a special supplement of the Manitoba Law Journal, Underneath the Golden Boy is now a separate publication which reviews of recent Manitoba laws and their development.

Since 1968, the Faculty has proudly been home to a thesis-based, research-intensive LL.M. Program which today attracts students from across Canada and the world.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, we are temporarily suspending Visiting Scholar applications.

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Under the auspices of the Legal Research Institute students may work as research assistants to professors during the summer or term.

Students also have the opportunity to work as editors of Robson Hall’s scholarly publications, including the Canadian Journal for Human Rights, the Manitoba Law Journal, the Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law and Underneath the Golden Boy. It is a great honour to be selected for the editorial boards of these publications and provides academically oriented students with excellent hands-on experience working with renowned scholars.