Faculty Supervisors

Karen Busby
Research areas
: Human Rights and Equality Law (especially as it is related to gender), Sex, Violence, Reproduction or Sexuality.

Michelle Gallant
Research areas
: Taxation, Dispute Resolution, International Law, Money Laundering & Terrorist Finance.

Brenda Gunn
Research areas
: Indigenous People’s Rights in Domestic & International Law.

DeLloyd Guth
Research areas: Modern legal history (Canada, Manitoba), Aboriginal legal history, and medieval legal history (English common law, canon law, Roman law).

Gerald Heckman
Research areas: Public Law, Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Labour Law, International Human Rights Law, Refugee Law.

John Irvine
Research areas
: Tort Law, Medical Liability issues.

Amar Khoday
Research areas: Criminal Law and Procedure, International Criminal and Humanitarian Law, Migration and Refugee Law, Law and Popular Culture, Law and Resistance


Shauna Labman
Research areas:  Refugee Law, Immigration, International Human Rights, Citizenship.

Darcy MacPherson
Research areas: Canadian Corporate Law, Secured Transactions, Agency and Partnerships.

David Milward
Research areas
: Criminal Law, Aboriginal Peoples and Criminal Justice, Evidence, Aboriginal Rights.

Umut Özsu
Research areas: Public International Law, History and Theory of International Law, Critical Legal Theory.

Debra Parkes
Research areas
: Constitutional & Human Rights Law, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Prisoners’ Rights, Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms, Sentencing & Penal Policy, Equality Rights.

Adriane Porcin
Research areas:Entertainment Law, Competition Law, E-commerce, Consumer Protection.

John Pozios
Research areas
: Business Law, Collaborative Economic Development, Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures, and Corporate Governance.

Jennifer Schulz
Research areas
: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Negotiation, Women Mediators, Law & Film, Law & Popular Culture.

Bryan Schwartz
Research areas: Constitutional Law, Charter of Rights, International Law, Legislative Process, Labour-Management Relations, Internet & E-Commerce Law.

Mary Shariff
Research areas: Bioethics, Biotech and Genetics, Aging and Elder Law, Legal Strategy, Contract and Construction Law, The Environment and Natural Resources

Donn Short
Research areas: Sexuality and Law, Bullying, Safe School Policies, Violence in Schools, Law and Popular Culture.

Lorna Turnbull
Research areas: Gender Equality, Economic Equality, Legal Regulation of Mothers, Gender Budgets/Gender-based Analysis,  Taxation Law & Policy, Family Law.