Darcy MacPherson

Room 300G
Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Canada, R3T 2N2
tel: 204.474.6136
fax: 204.474.7580
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+ Teaching & Research Areas

Disability rights, corporate criminal liability, corporate law, administrative law, Agency and Partnerships, Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Corporations, Criminal Law and Procedure. Prof. MacPherson has coached moot teams for three different competitions: the Gale Cup (in criminal/constitutional matters), the Laskin Moot (in administrative and constitutional law), and the Corporate/Securities Law Moot. He is also Faculty Advisor for the Court of Appeal Clerkship Program, where students serve as clerks to the Judges of the Court of Appeal for credit.

+ Biography

Assistant Professor, 2002 - present. Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario.  Student-at-law and associate at what was then known as Tory, Tory, DesLauriers and Binnington (now Torys LLP), 1997-2000  Bachelor of Laws from Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1997 Master of Law with First-Class honours from the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2001, with a Commercial concentration. As a student, he held one of only two Rt. Honourable Paul Martin Scholarships awarded by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Legal Studies in 2000, among others. Associate of the Marcel A. Desautels Centre for Private Enterprise and the Law.

+ Curriculum Vitae

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+ Selected Publications

  • Cameron Harvey and Darcy L. MacPherson, Agency Law Primer, 4th edition (Thomson Carswell, 2009, forthcoming) 

Chapters in Edited Collections

  • Darcy L. MacPherson, “Strategic Planning To Avoid Organizational Criminal Liability: A New Canadian Issue” in Firms’ Legal Strategies (forthcoming) 2009

  • Darcy L. MacPherson, “Trusts in Corporate and Commercial Law” in M. Gillen and F. Woodman, eds., The Law of Trusts – A Contextual Approach (2nd ed.) (Emond-Montgomery Publications, 2008)

  • Darcy L. MacPherson, “Reforming the Doctrine of Attribution: A Canadian Solution to British Concerns?” in S. Tully, ed., Research Handbook on Corporate Legal Responsibility (London: Edward Elgar, 2005), at 194-214

  • Darcy L. MacPherson, “Damage Quantification in Tort and Pre-Existing Conditions: Arguments for a Re-Conceptualization” in D. Pothier and R. Devlin, eds., Critical Disability Theory: Essays on Philosophy, Politics, Policy and Law (UBC Press, 2005) at 248-266

Journal Articles

  • “The Civil and Criminal Applications of the Identification Doctrine: Arguments For Harmonization” (2007), 45 Alberta Law Review 171

  • “The Supreme Court Restates Directors’ Fiduciary Duty – A Comment on Peoples Department Stores Inc. v. Wise”, (2005), 43 Alberta Law Review 383

  • “Extending Corporate Criminal Liability?: Some Thoughts on Bill C-45” (2004), 30 Manitoba Law Journal 253

  • “The Relevance of Prior Record in the Criminal Law: A Response to the Theory of Professor von Hirsch” (2002), 28 Queens L.J. 177

Cases and Other Commentary

  • Hickman Equipment (1985) Ltd. (Receivership), Re – Annotation” (2006), 41 Canadian Cases on the Law of Torts (3rd) 260-267

  • Hart Building Supplies Ltd. v. Deloitte & Touche – Annotation” (2006), 41 Canadian Cases on the Law of Torts (3rd) 240-248

  • “The B.C. Tobacco Legislation Litigation – A Comment on the Papers of Professors Edinger and Eliott” (2005), 41 Canadian Business Law Journal 386

  • “Emaciating the Statutory Audit – A Comment on Hart Building Supplies Ltd. v. Deloitte & Touche” (2005), 41 Canadian Business Law Journal 471

Review Essays and Book Review

  • “A Judicial Loudmouth with A Quiet Legacy: A Review of Emmett Hall: Establishment Radical” (2008), 32 Manitoba Law Journal 182

  • “The More Things Change … A Review of The Company: A Short History of a Revolutionary Idea” (2005), 31 Manitoba Law Journal 377

  • “Companies Gone Wild – A Review of The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power” (2005), 31 Manitoba Law Journal 201

+ Community Involvement/Other

President, Canadian Centre on Disability Studies, a consumer-directed, university affiliated centre dedicated to research, education and information dissemination on disability issues.  Chair of the Board of CCDS, as well as chair of both its Governance and Endowment Monitoring and Enhancement Committees.  Member of the International Committee of CCDS, and Chair of the Steering Committee of a CCDS project entitled Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities in Ukraine, a project of over $4 million, funded by the Canadian International Development Agency.  Past President of the Canadian Disability Studies Association, an academic association dedicated to research in the area of disability studies.  Academic Advisor to the Women’s Basketball Program at the University of Manitoba Member of numerous Faculty and University committees.