A Judge of Valour: Chief Justice Samuel Freedman - In His Own Words
Thursday, 12 June 2014 09:53

"In his time Sam Freedman was near-legendary for the wisdom, balance, and integrity of his approach to law and justice. He had both a compassionate and a robust sense of the law. Many of his most important judgments were dissenting views that went against the grain of current thought but represented a sharp sense of social justice, of concern for the ordinary citizen, and often the underdog. In his work in general he maintained a keen sense of human frailty, often expressed in a wry, self-critical fashion. He was, according to one short biographical account, “the model of a patient, courteous, kindly, humane judge.”1 He was also known as a creative judge, an activist judge." - ROBERT G. CLARKE

The Manitoba Law Journal, Volume 37, Special Issue - read more

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