The Solomon Greenberg Competition Celebrates 50 years!
Monday, 08 December 2014 00:00

Congratulations to this year’s winner of the Solomon Greenberg Competition, Anthony Foderaro, and the runner-up, Zachary Courtemanche!

The remaining mooters (chosen based on performance in an advocacy simulation in last year’s Introduction to Advocacy Course) were: Stephanie Chan, Miranda Grayson, Gabrielle Lisi, Jennifer Litchfield, Gerrit Theule and Scott Wilson.

The Solomon Greenberg competitors were assigned to the role of crown or defense and had to prepare for and present a criminal jury trial.  They prepared with volunteer coaches from the profession.  Thank you to Colleen McDuff and Mike Desautels and Daniel Chaput, Manitoba Justice Prosecutions Service, who assisted with coaching the crown teams, as well as Daniel Gunn of Campbell Gunn Inness and Ryan Rolston of Rolston & Associates, who assisted with coaching the defense teams. 

The trials were held Saturday, November 15, at the Law Courts, presided over by the Honourable Justice Richard Saull, Court of Queen’s Bench. 

The Solomon Greenberg Competition has a long tradition at Robson Hall. The competition honours Solomon Greenberg, a Manitoba lawyer known as much for his dedication to helping vulnerable members of our community and to mentoring students and new lawyers, as well as for his exemplary abilities as an advocate. To celebrate its 50th anniversary this year, all involved enjoyed a special celebration, with a moving tribute to Greenberg by Professor Trevor Anderson and a piece of birthday cake! Over its 50 year history winners have included Queen’s Bench judges, ministers of justice and even a former Robson Hall Dean of Law.

Foderaro and Courtemanche will represent Manitoba at the McIntyre Cup, held at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon February 6th and 7th, 2015.  We wish them all the best. 

This event is not possible without the help of our student volunteers who serve as jury members, witnesses, and court clerks. Thank you also to the Robson Hall staff who supported the moot this year, to Justice Saull for his incredible dedication to trial advocacy education and mooting at Robson Hall and to Aimee Fortier and the other staff of the Manitoba Courts.  

We look forward to another 50 years of advocacy excellence at Robson Hall!

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In 1964, Mr. Greenberg’s widow established the Solomon Greenberg Prize, to be awarded to the most outstanding student in the Moot Court programme. The Bar Association continues to fund the prize to this day. Solomon Greenberg was one of the very best barristers ever to practise in Manitoba and in his day one of the best criminal lawyers in Western Canada. In 1972, Attorney-General Al Mackling awarded Mr. Greenberg with a posthumous Q.C. “to correct a long overdue omission”.

Solomon Greenberg Moot Competition Winners:

1965 - Heather Henderson
1966 - Jack London
1967 - D’Arcy Bancroft
1968 - William Ryall
1969 - Kenneth Arensen
1970 - J.A. Smith
1971 - Douglas N. Abra
1972 - John T. Wiens
1973 - Edward G. Zinman
1974 - Frank G. Palmer
1975 - John Scurfield
1976 - Walter S. McKall
1977 - Guy G. Kay
1978 - David James
1979 - Saul Simmonds
1980 - J. Brent Mills
1981 - Ingrid Lincoln


1982 - Sherry Wiebe
1983 - Lee Stuesser
1984 - Donald Macri
1985 - John Harrison
1986 - Gordon Mackintosh
1987 - Kent Patterson
1988 - Murray Froese
1989 - Ian Blomeley
1990 - John Laplume
1991 - Harvey Secter
1992 - Keith Labossiere
1993 - Avi Gesser
1994 - Shane Perlmutter
1995 - Raegan Wicklow-Ross
1996 - Carrie Thornborough
1997 - Perry Derksen
1998 - Shandra Bresoline

1999 - Stacy Cawley
2000 - Stephen Christie
2001 - Janice Rea
2002 - Jennifer Malabar
2003 - Stuart Zacharias
2004 - David Simpson
2005 - Kathleen McCandless
2006 - Eric Hachinski
2007 - Charlene Caron
2008 - Neil Steen
2009 - David Ireland
2010 - Patrice Miniely
2011 - Laura Hodgson
2012 - Spencer Chimuk
2013 - Kendra Carfantan
2014 - Melissa Cattini
2015 – Anthony Foderaro


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