Law Centre - Legal Aid Clinic

The University of Manitoba Law Centre commenced operation in 1970 with the two-fold purpose of furthering clinical education by exposing law students to actual legal problems and aiding persons who are unable financially to hire a lawyer or receive legal service through the existing Legal Aid Service Society of Manitoba. The centre, as presently constituted, is the official adjunct of the Legal Aid Service Society of Manitoba and supervised by practising lawyers and members of the Faculty of Law.

As volunteers at the Centre, Second and Third Year students operate under the guidance of a supervising lawyer. Students are involved in everything from the initial interview to appearing in court if the case goes to trial. This is a great chance for you to put all your legal knowledge to use, and gain valuable experience at the same time. Academic credit is available, and students may also volunteer during the summer (even after first year!).

Law Centre Students in the News

b_150_0_16777215_0___images_stories_01-4STUDENTS_2010_March_negreaIn 2010 third year law student Julia Negrea was featured in the News when she won her first case involving a charge of Obstruction of a Police Officer in the context of a child custody dispute. To read the article published in Canadian Lawyer magazine please click here



jodiIn 2009 third year law student Jodi Koffman made the news in the Winnipeg Free Press when she won an argument involving photo-radar tickets that were snapped in construction zones where no workers were present. To read the article published in the Winnipeg Free Press click here.